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We met the Mythbusters!!! Yesterday, Jamie and Adam’s final tour came to Denver, and we had passes (along with about 80 others) to go backstage to ask questions and pose for photos. Admittedly, the photo looks a little bit like

I guess winter is here

This is the view of our deck this morning. We have 5 foot drifts, although there’s really only about 2-3 inches of general accumulation. Oh, and the wind is 25-40 mph. Glad I don’t have to go anywhere today!

Waldo Waldo photos

The organizers of the Waldo Waldo 5K just released a huge group photo of the event on their site. The event raise over $140K for disaster relief, trails and open space maintenance, which is not too shabby. The picture on

MileHiCon 47

MileHiCon 47 is this weekend (October 23rd – 25, 2015) in Denver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel – Tech Center. MHC is a Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Science/Literary convention, and is probably the best convention in Colorado. There are usually dozens of authors

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Waldo 5K 2015

Yesterday (Saturday, October 18th, 2015) was the 2015 Waldo Canyon 5K run – a run to help fund recovery from the Waldo canyon fire of a few years ago. As you can probably tell, the official uniform of the run

In case of rabies…

I’ve always been fascinated by incongruous or confusing signage. This one is from Tintagel in Cornwall. I assume that if you see someone with rabies, you can jam the ring down on his head to make it harder for him

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Handling long operations with cancel and progress in C# with async

In a previous post, I demonstrated a convenient way to make a wait cursor show up during “reasonably” long operations (up to a few seconds). For anything longer than that, though, a wait cursor won’t cut it — for one

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Stephen Colbert Escapes From The Man Sized Cabinet

Someone just sent me a link to this — apparently Stephen Colbert has way too much free time before his new show starts! This article provides a little background.

Cowthulu is Back!

It has been about 10 years since I last seriously touched the Cowthulu web site. Originally I created the site by hand, using it as an opportunity to teach myself CSS. I also built a few utilities to synchronize menus