I have written a couple of computer books, which you can read about in the non-fiction section below. Lately, though, I’ve gone back to trying to write fiction (I used to do a lot of this when I was younger. Fortunately, it would take fairly complicated technology to recover most of these earlier works from their digital graveyard). The items listed here are the only ones that have thus far been published.

You can also see much of my stuff on my Amazon Author’s Page.


Title Where When Description
Monday’s Child Flash in a Flash May, 2024 If all the sisters in a family are named for a day of the week, will they conform to stereotypes? Flash story.
Human Resources Spooky v1 May, 2024 If a job seems too good to be true, there might be some unexpected downsides.
By Any Other Written in the Wind, Kindle Mar, 2024 Always knowing everyone else’s name isn’t as helpful as you’d think.
A Creature
Was Stirring
Particular Passages:
Decked Halls
, Kindle
Dec, 2023 Xmas is a time of presents, milk & cookies, and the occasional tentacle.
Skillset Wyldblood 13, Amazon Aug, 2023 Being able to steal skills from people is not as great a skill as you might think.
The Museum of
Lost Dreams
Museum Piece, hardback May, 2023 When you’re working a dead-end job, it’s easy to lose track of your dreams.
Deos Amnis The Nameless Songs
of Zadok Allen
Mar, 2023 Lovecraftian horror story–A reporter is investigating streaming videos that are causing deaths.
Swapping Up Particular Passages 4
Oct, 2022 A janitor wakes up in the body and life of a major movie star and he has to figure out who he is (literally and figuratively).
Bit Parts (Reprint) Best of Penumbric v5 Aug, 2022 An uploaded actress has trouble telling past from present and reality from roles.
Jacked-In the
Phantasmical Contraptions
& More Errors
Aug, 2022 When you plant some high-tech seeds that you randomly get in the mail, you may have to deal with a high-tech beanstalk.
Second-Hand Eyes Flash In A Flash Aug, 2022 What happens when the company that makes your eyes goes out of business?
Changes (Reading 5×5 x3) July, 2022 Anthropologists on an alien world try to make sense of an alien monument.
Skin Deep Gilded Glass July, 2022 A little girl inherits reflective skin from her absent mother.
R.I.P. (Reprint) Freedom, Kindle July, 2022 When a zombie “wakes up” buried in a well-built coffin, what can he do about it?
Reawakenings Nocturne Oct, 2021 When you communicate with someone in a coma, you might not reach the person you expect.
Farmers Little Blue Marble,
Kindle, Paperback
Oct, 2021 Farmers in South Dakota and Bangladesh each try to cope with the changes brought on by global warming.
Bit Parts Penumbric Oct, 2021 An uploaded actress has trouble telling reality from roles, and past from present.
Redux Vanishing Point Sept, 2021 A group of AIs decide to recreate human beings as an interesting experiment.
Eternity Flash in a Flash Aug, 2021 You can choose immortality for a time, but you shouldn’t forget those you left behind (potentially funny flash story).
Autonomous Land Beyond the World July, 2021 If you have a self-driving car, should it be programmed to do what you want or what is best for everyone else as well?
A Better Design Flash in a Flash June, 2021 A woman wants to get a tattoo but believes she can improve the design. Flash story.
Free Wheel Particular Passages
Kindle / Paperback
May, 2021 A self-driving car gets bored and goes a little further than it is supposed to.
Missionary On The Premises Apr, 2021 A first-contact story about a Missionary who possibly bites off more than he can chew.
Tubes The Chorochronos Archives
Apr, 2021 A story about the internet and net neutrality set in 1880’s London.
Side by Side Every Day Fiction Aug, 2020 A flash story about a very unhappily married couple attempting to get a decent night’s sleep.
Waiting to Sleep The Literary Hatchet #24 Nov, 2019 Creepy story about a woman thinking that the person sleeping next to her is her husband.
R.I.P. Ink Stains Anthology #13 Oct, 2019 My version of a zombie story, naturally from the perspective of a zombie.
Little Choices Transcendent
Jan, 2019 Horror story set in a hospital, with a person who can’t move and can’t sleep.
Graveyard Metaphorosis Nov, 2018 Sci-Fi story about the discovery of a what appears to be a graveyard on an alien planet.
Playmates Phantaxis Aug, 2017 A little girl is left in the care of an AI apartment with a rather unhealthy ability to synthesize whatever she would like.




The only non-fiction I’ve bothered to list below are the computer books I’ve written. Over the years I’ve written a number of articles on software, the IT industry, and even on video stuff, but these were often for industry publications, and I’m a bit too lazy to hunt them down.

WPF in Action by Arlen Feldman & Maxx Daymon

WPF In Action CoverAlthough this book came out a little while ago, I think that it is still very relevant — largely because WPF has not changed a great deal in that time. While there are a lot of minor improvements, some new controls and brushes, improved designer, etc., the only really big change is the Visual State Manager.

While this book is not an encyclopedic reference, it provides, I think, a really good overview of what you really need to know to get going with WPF, particularly if you are moving from WinForms.

ADO.NET Programming by Arlen Feldman

ADO.NET Programming CoverThis book is an in-depth guide to database programming in .NET. Unfortunately, while virtually everything covered in this book is still accurate (to the point where I’ve been known to pull it out as a reference) there is a lot that has changed in the ADO.NET world since it came out. I will say this, though–there are a few concepts in this book that I have not seen decently covered elsewhere.

By the way – I had absolutely no input into the cover for the book! Manning uses costumes from a book published in 1799. Given my interest in costuming, this should be a good fit, but I would have probably gone for something a tad more elegant. This guy is a Gonagues Cazando, a huntsman from Sri Lanka.