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In case of quail…

In case of quail, do not stand in a box with an antenna.   I can think of no other interpretation.  

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Underground, overground…

We’ve been clearing out the remnants of my cousin’s stuff after moving him into a nursing facility. If you are having trouble letting go of things, I highly recommend spending a few weeks clearing out a hoarder’s house. It makes

Patently Absurd

Well, I officially now hold a patent – US Patent #9,612,825 – Systems and Methods for Merging Metadata-Based Applications! I wouldn’t bother reading it if I were you–I wrote the thing, but after the lawyers were done with it, I

Don’t Press This Button…

We were recently in California, and spotted this button in the elevator in our hotel. The urge to press it was almost overwhelming. I can only assume that it turns the elevator into a much more epic, adventure-filled ride. On


We had a big frost storm the other day. No point to make other than it was really pretty. Note that these are color pictures. This was the grass of our lawn:

Really, really great…

We’ve been working on moving my cousin into a long-term care facility, and in the course of doing this, we’ve been going through a lot of old photos. This one is truly incredible though — this picture shows my great-great

Fun Zone…

This photo is from the lobby of the Hotel Elegant√© in Colorado Springs. They’ve really embraced the idea of fun–in case you can’t read it, the bed has a “try me” sign on it. Interestingly, the hotel has a huge

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If I had a hammer…

This is a shirt I made a few months ago after a particularly difficult meeting! One of the things I find funny is that people frequently don’t read the whole thing — they read the first line, and then are

If you don’t know where to go…

If you don’t know where to go, turn right! At least, I assume that is the meaning of this sign. Alternatively, the sign-maker might be a Doctor Who fan? Or, perhaps, this is how to get to a statue of

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We met the Mythbusters!!! Yesterday, Jamie and Adam’s final tour came to Denver, and we had passes (along with about 80 others) to go backstage to ask questions and pose for photos. Admittedly, the photo looks a little bit like