The Museum of Lost Dreams

My story The Museum of Lost Dreams came out this weekend in the anthology Museum Piece! (hardback)

As the title suggests, all of the stories in the anthology are set in museums (aren’t you glad that I’m here to point these things out). Mine is a museum that tries to remind people of their lost dreams before they realize that they’re lost.

My story is the first in the anthology, which might be an indicator that the editor liked it, or might be entirely random. I am certainly not going to ask!

The editor (with whom I’ve worked before) is one of the more interactive. Some editors more-or-less just print what you send them, but with this story we went through a number of drafts. He told me that he’s had far more back-and-forths on edits before, but I’m the first person to introduce forking into the editing process, by providing simultaneous optional drafts.

I now just want to introduce looping into the editing process, and I think it may be Turing Complete (geek humor warning).

There are a number of good stories in this anthology. One of my favorites is The Museum of Fog by Alexander Danner.

At this point the book is only available on Kindle and as a hardback, but apparently there will be a paperback in the next 6-12 months.

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    • Well, of course. The best thing to do is create about fifty branches and then do an octopus merge to see what story emerges. This story was originally about a lost fish–GIT added all the stuff about museums.

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