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Lunar Eclipse

Managed to stay up for last night’s lunar eclipse (Okay, it was only until a little after 10:00pm, but I’m a wimp). we had a clear sky, and it was pretty impressive. After my first few attempts at getting a

The Monster

Frankenstein’s monster, posing with some guy in a mask:

Sparks in the snow

Was driving home the other day when I suddenly noticed that sparks seemed to be shooting out of my side mirror! After a moment, I realized that it was the turn-signal on the mirror reflecting off of the snow, which


I don’t know if anyone noticed, but there was a total eclipse of the sun this week (on Monday, August 21st, 2017)!! Anna and I and some friends drove up to Wyoming on Sunday, and on Monday morning found a

Morbid Anatomy

The last time we were in New York, we went to the taping of a radio game show called Ask Me Another, which was a blast, and I highly recommend. However, we got to the place (a pub called The


This weekend we went to the Samurai exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It is a collection of Samurai armor, weaponry and clothing from 1100ish to 1800ish. Just from a costumer’s perspective, the exhibit is extremely impressive–the amount of work

The happiest place…?

I have never been in a war zone or a prisoner of war camp. I’ve never lived in a slum or been abandoned in the middle of an alligator-and-mosquito infested swamp (mental note to contact SyFy with a treatment for

Bishop’s Castle

Last weekend, at the suggestion of a friend, we drove down to Bishop’s Castle, which is about a 2½ hour drive from Colorado Springs. Bishop’s Castle was basically built by a single guy, named Jim Bishop, over the course of

As I was going to St. Ives…

I just got back from England a few days ago, which is why I haven’t posted in a few weeks. We spent about a week in Cornwall in St. Ives (the picture is a view from just outside our room

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