Machu Picchu Puzzle

A while ago we got a puzzle of Machu Picchu, but it wasn’t very good. The picture was kind of fuzzy and the pieces were thin and bendy and didn’t stick together very well. Still, we did it and moved on.

More recently, a friend told me about various companies that let you create puzzles from your own pictures. Since we enjoy doing puzzles and have lots of pictures, this seemed like something that would be fun to play with, and it occurred to me that I had taken better pictures of Machu Picchu on our trip in 2019–definitely better than the one from the cheesy puzzle at least.

So I went through my photos and grabbed one that I liked (in fact it is one that I use as the lockscreen image on my desktop). The prices were similar for the various companies, so I ended up ordering the puzzle from Ravensburger. It even came in a fancy tin:

As puzzles go, it was fairly challenging because of the various greens–particular the greens for the mountain. The mountain, by the way, is called Huayna Picchu and has additional ruins–the residences for the high priest and the local virgins (a career that is not as popular as it once was), and you can continue on to the Temple of the Moon. Sadly (!!?) we arrived too late to sign up for the 1-hour climb to the summit. Our guide also mentioned that one or two people fall from the very steep path every year. Yeah, pity we arrived too late to sign up for that.

So, anyway, I was pretty proud of the puzzle and the far superior photo. That is, until I looked more closely at the bottom left of the puzzle:

I can only assume that this is an Incan finger (and an Incan iPhone) that I hadn’t noticed in the original shot.

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