I have another new story out called Missionary, in On The Premises Magazine. Actually, it came out last week sometime, but I was a bit distracted and missed it :-o.

This is my attempt at a first-contact story, where a missionary visits a planet to convert the population–except that there is nothing to convert them from–they have no supernatural beliefs to start with.

The story is currently on-line only, and was technically the first-place winner of a contest. The theme of the contest was repair–where one or more characters try to repair something. It is very cool (and somewhat surprising) to have come first! Because of the nature of the contest, it is also now officially the best-paying story I’ve sold so far!


2 Comments on “Missionary

  1. I’m a tmu
    I’m a tmu,
    how I twish I could tmash my teeth at you…

    Sorry, I read your protagonist’s name backwards and got stuck. Nice story, by the way.

    • As it happens, Tmu was the chief Egyptian god of Annu (says the internet), so you have obviously uncovered a deep hidden message in the story. Sadly, it wasn’t one put there by me…

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