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A Little Door

Since April fool’s day is coming up, I figured it was about time to do a post about the little door. A number of years ago, my boss foolishly decided to go on vacation. Since he was gone, the obvious

How many devices does your system support?

My friend and co-worker David is responsible for building mobile applications, so his desk tends to be a bit busy. Aside from his Windows laptop and his Mac for OSX development, he tends to have several tablets and phones on

How many E’s in Scrabble?

This is about one of my favorite practical jokes. At one of the companies where I used to work, there was a big table where people tended to play games during lunch, including a group of dedicated scrabble players. I

The skeleton in the mirror…

I am somewhat known for practical jokes (and will be posting more about this eventually). However, I am not the only one in the family… I ran an errand a couple of days ago, and while driving down the street,

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