Welcome to Cowthulu.com, the web site for Arlen Feldman. In my blog, I will be talking about development (particularly .NET related), writing, costuming, business, practical jokes, and probably a whole variety of other topics. Since I am not particularly famous, and this blog doesn’t have any particular focus, I don’t expect a wide readership, which is fine. My grandfather used to tell really terrible jokes, and when we groaned, he pointed out that he wasn’t telling them for our benefit, but to make himself laugh. That is the spirit of my blog!

About Arlen

Punting on the CherwellArlen has been a professional software developer for over 35 years, and has been in the IT/Service Management industry for the last 28 years. He is also the author of several technical books on topics such as ADO.NET and WPF.

For the last several years, Arlen’s expertise has focused on the Microsoft stack, having been involved with .NET since its beginnings, including advising Microsoft on its direction as part of the C# customer council. His major area of expertise is in the creation of meta-data driven applications that allow customers extreme flexibility of customization without writing code or being locked in to old versions.

In 2004, Arlen co-founded Cherwell Software, now a leader in the mid-market, small-enterprise ITSM space. Now semi-retired, he still acts as a technical and industry adviser, writes, and works on a number of interesting technology-related projects.

Arlen is a writer, costumer and maker. He is also co-chair of the COSine sci-fi convention, held in Colorado Springs. In the past, he has done professional video production, run or helped run numerous sci-fi conventions,  produced zines (back when that was a thing) and done a number of other strange things that will potentially get mentioned in the blog. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.