Gothic Productions

Gothic LogoBack in the ’90s, my friend Lynn Markley and I had a professional (award winning) video production company based in Colorado Springs. It was originally called Dogwood Video, but got renamed to Gothic Productions. We did commercials, conference videos, fund raising videos (United Way, Boy Scouts, etc.), training videos (including a series of Kung Fu training videos). We even did some Shakespeare!

At the time, we were extremely state-of-the-art. We had a digitial linear/non-linear editing system which actually allowed us to (gasp) store video on hard-drive arrays and edit digitally! The array had a whopping 32 gigs of storage (on 8 drives) and I shudder to think how much it cost at the time. I do remember that the connecting cable had to have some serious shielding, and couldn’t be longer than about 2 inches! We actually got a call from someone at ILM for assistance in configuring the system, since we were one of a very small group that had such fancy equipment! (Now, of course, my phone has 4 times more storage than the array, and plays HD at much higher quality. Ah well).

One of these days I will hook up the Beta-SP deck (which is now sitting in storage in my basement) and digitize and post a few clips.


BTW – This logo was also created by my friend John Corrigan, graphic-artist extraordinaire! At the start of videos, it would appear, and the lightning would flash, making the stained glass windows glow in different colors. That might make a nice animated GIF (if I can find the source images!).