2024 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Finalist

Wow – So, I just found out that my story The Wish Doctor is a finalist for the Baen Fantasy Adventure Awards!

There are ten finalists and three awards, so purely on the math, I figure I have a 30% chance of placing! Yes, there’s probably a more involved judging process (like actually having judges read the stories or something), but, assuming perfectly spherical judges in a vacuum, I think my math holds up.

The story is currently unpublished (a requirement for the award), but is about a wish doctor who’s job is to figure out how to word wishes to avoid unfortunate side effects (ex: Genie, make me a sandwich–okay, zap, you’re a sandwich)*.

The awards will be presented at the end of August at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.


*Note: These skills are still relevant in today’s world, except the proper form of address for a genie is now sudo.

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