I am an Illustrator!

No, I didn’t write this book! But this is one of many books by my friend, the award-winning Robin Owens, who has written 30ish books in various genres. She recently got the rights back for a series that was published about 15 years ago, and decided to re-release them herself with new (and much better) cover art and various edits and add-ons (for example, the first one now includes a bonus story).

The only problem is that, while she got the rights back for the text, she didn’t get the rights for the illustrations, including a map of the castle where much of the action takes place. So, she asked me to recreate it for her.

I am not exactly a pro when it comes to such things, but since a castle has a lot of straight lines, it seemed within my abilities (especially since the one that her publisher did originally wasn’t great). Anyway, here’s my version:

The Marshall's Castle
Copyright (c) 2022 by Robin D. Owens

I created the illustration in Adobe Illustrator. I was especially proud of creating the stone effect for the walls! Robin says that she is happy with the results and I can now honestly say that I am a published illustrator! (I am not foolish enough to use the term artist :-). I think that the series has six books, and this will appear in all of them!

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