Jacked-In the Beanstalk

Way back in 2020, there was a weird thing happening–people all over America were receiving unsolicited packages of seeds. No one was sure exactly what was going on with this, but the consensus was that the seeds were being shipped by vendors in China in order to be able to put 5-star reviews on their entirely non-seed related products. Seeds just happened to be a cheap thing to ship.

This story faded from the news somewhat due to one or two other things going on in 2020. But at the time it seemed like an awesome way to distribute magic beans (if you were so inclined), and, since they were part of a high-tech scam, they would need to be high-tech beans.

That is the idea behind my story Jacked-In the Beanstalk, which just came out in Phantasmical Contraptions & More Errors. I am traveling right now, but am looking forward to reading the rest of the collection when I get home.

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