Farmers in Anthology

My story Farmers, which came out in October, is now available in print, (and also for Kindle) in an anthology of stories from Little Blue Marble! (I should note that you can also read the story for free here :-).

Farmers is a story about the impact of global warming. I am quite fond of this story for multiple reasons. It was the first story I wrote after I semi-retired, so I was glad that it finally found a home. It was also my first pro-rate sale of a story–which meant that I could join SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America)!

SFWA membership means I can participate in their discussions, nominate books for the Nebula Awards and get the newsletter. I think there are other things too, but I haven’t explored too heavily yet. I am only an associate member at the moment–I have to publish and earn more to be a full-blown member (mental image of me working the bellows while a famous writer uses a hammer to pound out great works on the anvil).

I’m generally not much of a joiner, but this is one of those “career milestones” that you are supposed to be watching out for. Honestly, I’m a bit nervous about it–It’s kind of like when you take up a new hobby and really enjoy it, so you go out and buy all of the supplies and equipment–and then never do anything with the hobby ever again. Hopefully that won’t be the case here…


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