So, embarrassingly, I had a story come out a couple of months ago, and I completely missed it! I was updating my log and figured I’d check on the Vanishing Point website to see if there was any update on a release date. To my surprise, the first issue was out and my name was on the cover :-).

Usually, publishers and editors will let the writers know when something is released, if for no other reason than to help them publicize, but this is the first edition of a new magazine, so I suppose I should cut them a little slack.

The story is called Redux, and it is a sci-fi story about a group of AIs that decide to recreate the human race as an interesting experiment. It can be purchased at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback versions if you are into that sort of thing. I am currently reading my way through the other stories, and the ones I’ve read so far are good.

Despite 2021 being a generally horrible year (albeit much better than 2020), it has been a really good year for me as a writer. I sold a dozen stories last year, which is more than I had sold in total before that. That included selling my first reprint, my first sale at pro-rates, and also my first sale to a mass-market anthology! It hasn’t come out yet, but I sold a story to Kevin J. Anderson‘s upcoming anthology Mirror, Mirror. The anthology won’t actually come out until June or July, so I won’t say much about my story until then.

What’s funny is that I started writing short stories so that I would have something to put in the bio when I tried to sell a novel, but now I’ve been fairly well distracted by short stories! This year I might try to get back to focusing on novels (once I finish the 3+ short stories I am currently working on).

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