Permalink to Eternity

Okay, so my first thought was that “Permalink to Eternity” would be a very modern-noir way of referring to someone who’d just been rubbed out by a cyber-mobster.

More boringly, it is just a post about the fact that the story I mentioned last week now has a permanent home on the interwebs, and so can be read here if you missed the official e-mail distro of the story on Friday (Aug 27th, 2021) .

Since it is a story about eternity, it does make me wonder how long all of these links will truly last. I’d like to believe that, billions of years from now, some alien species might discover a backup archive of the Internet, find the link to this story, spend years deciphering our languages so that they could read it, and then, waving their secondary tentacles in disgust, think “that hardly seemed worth the effort.”

2 Comments on “Permalink to Eternity

    • Thank you and Yay!

      I’ve found that I enjoy reading the flash stories–I know that I won’t have to dedicate a really long time to reading them, so I just get a little burst of fiction!

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