Free Wheel

Just had another story come out. It’s called Free Wheel, and it is about a self-driving car that gets bored and goes a little further than it is supposed to.

This is the first time I was actually asked to submit a story to an anthology rather than just submitting into the void! The anthology, Particular Passages, is an unthemed collection and the stories are pretty varied. For whatever reason, my story is also the first one in the book, which I think is a good thing, but I’m afraid to ask in case it was either a) alphabetical or b) random.

The Kindle book is available here and the paperback is available here. Not sure why they aren’t linked–the editor says that it sometimes takes some time for them to link up. I picture the two editions edging their way through dark caves searching for each other. It is also available for various other electronic formats.

There is also a cute little video promo video for the book.

Funnily enough, I have another self-driving car story coming out sometime this summer, which I imagine I will blog about then.


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