My MHC 52 Virtual Panels

I mentioned in an earlier post about MHC 52 Virtual that I would post links to my panels once they were up on YouTube.

The image on the left is from the Bitcoin panel I did with Cory Doctorow, amongst others. I was all excited to have an image that showed both of us simultaneously on screen, but for whatever reason, even though the panel was shown in Gallery mode (the standard Brady Brunch view), the recordings are all in Speaker mode, showing only one speaker at a time :-(.

(And no, of course I didn’t consider Shooping a gallery view. Because that would be wrong. And I was too lazy).

Anyway, here is the link to the Bitcoin panel. In my memory, I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself, but I am not brave enough to watch the whole thing to make sure. Am I the only person who hates how they look and sound on video?

And here are my other two panels:

Generally I spend some time coming up with questions for panels I’m moderating, but for the paranoia panel, I discovered that I’d just written a sentence or two of ideas to expand, so my questions were probably not quite as cogent as I would like. Ah well.

You can also see any of the other live or prerecorded panels from the con here.


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