So, Anna went out yesterday, and our Biden/Harris sign was gone. I choose to believe that the wind took it (which seems to have happened to a lot of Biden signs in and around our neighborhood. And, truth be told, to one or two Trump signs as well).

Unfortunately, this left my quick-and-dirty sign holder naked and exposed. The construction was even worse than I remembered!

So, I went ahead and printed a new sign, and Anna cut it out and laminated it using shelf paper. Hopefully this one will be a bit more wind-resistant.

A quick note on fonts. Turns out that the Biden campaign used a font called Decimal, which is based on the text used on watch faces. It is also $149, which I wasn’t willing to spend for the little bit of new text I wanted to add. But Franklin Gothic was close enough! I did match the official colors, but my printer is not super-accurate.

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