MileHiCon 47

MHC+2015+color+shirtMileHiCon 47 is this weekend (October 23rd – 25, 2015) in Denver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel – Tech Center. MHC is a Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Science/Literary convention, and is probably the best convention in Colorado. There are usually dozens of authors and other guests there, and there are panels on a ton of different subjects – writing, fandom, science, humor, games and more. There is also the Critter Crunch, where remote control robots attempt to destroy each other. This was an MHC event long before it was popular elsewhere.


I am on a handful of panels this year:

  • 3D Printing Demo/Roundtable (Friday @5:00pm) – We’ll be talking about the state of the technology and providing advice on getting started.
  • DASFA Turkey Readoff (Saturday @ 2:00pm) – A panel where we read from some of the worst writing ever published (it is usually snort-through-your-nose funny).
  • The Year in Science (Sunday @ Noon) – A panel that will look back at the past twelve months in science, research and applied technology.

Anna and I are also planning on entering the costume contest. Pictures from that will most likely show up next week.

Although this is definitely a convention aimed at adults, it is very kid-friendly, with a separate track of activities for kids. My sister Danyda is very involved in helping out with this.

Hope to see you there…

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