Bit Parts

My story Bit Parts just came out in Penumbric online magazine! The magazine can be read directly online or can be downloaded as a PDF. You can also go directly to the story here (although I think these links are temporary–I will need to remember to update them when the issue is officially archived).

This is a bit of an experimental story–it is out of sequence, and also deliberately mixes up the pieces in the real world with the pieces that are just “bit parts.” It is also written in the format of a screenplay–just to make it more confusing!

I might also have been poking a bit of fun at the mania for blockchains…

In this day and age, a lot of magazines only exist virtually. Normally I prefer print versions that I can hold in my hand, but this story might actually work better as only being online. We have books from more than a thousand years ago that can still be read (by anyone who knows the language), but it is pretty unlikely that an online issue will last for even a few decades. Progress.

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