A Safe Garage Door Opener for your Car

The case has been broken on the keypad outside our garage-door for a while, and I finally got around to replacing it. I was going to deprogram the old one and throw it out, but Anna had a better idea.

Anna generally parks her car in the driveway and it is common wisdom that you don’t leave a garage-door opener in your car when parking outside–a thief could break into the car and then use the opener to break into the house (or at least the garage).

The problem with that is it is pain in the neck. Anna has to remember to take an opener with her, or has to get out of the car to open and close the garage door (yes, I know–first world problems).

But, since the keypad is really just a garage-door remote that makes you enter a code before sending a radio signal, it is a great solution to the problem. She can keep the keypad remote in her car, since the commonly-wise burglar won’t know the code.

I wish I’d thought of it.

3 Comments on “A Safe Garage Door Opener for your Car

    • Sadly, the code is checked on the keypad, since it is designed to work with brain-dead hardware on the garage door opener itself. But, since we have a keypad outside the house anyway, it is at least that secure.

      At the very least it is more secure than just a regular opener (which has a very simple 1-digit code in base-2)…

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