A Better Design

My story A Better Design will be coming out on Friday, June 18th. Normally, I wait until a story is actually available before posting about it, but in this case, the medium requires some pre-planning…

The story is being published by Flash in a Flash. They publish a couple of flash (less than 1,000 word) stories a week, and distribute them only via e-mail, making them very ethereal. If you are interested, you can sign up for FIAF here for free, and you will get my story in your inbox on Friday! I may also figure out a way of pinning it to the web in some manner after it comes out.

The story is not a genre story, and is either uplifting or depressing, depending on your own personal proclivities. I was working on a long sci-fi piece related to tattoos, and had done a bunch of research for it. I didn’t make much progress on that story (although now that I’ve remembered it, maybe I will make another attempt…), but at least I now have one story featuring tattoos.

Update: Here is a permalink to the story.

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