Screwdriver Holder

An electrician did some work at the house recently, and he had this really nice Craftsman electric screwdriver. I got one for Anna for her birthday and I, uh, also got myself one for Anna’s birthday.

I use it enough that I wanted to mount it on the wall in my closet next to my regular screwdrivers, but was unable to find an appropriate mount. This gave me the opportunity to create a 3D model and do a 3D print!

I created the model in FreeCAD. It took a couple of attempts (largely because they’ve added a new feature that I accidentally selected–it is a cool feature for creating holes, but it works differently than the Pocket feature I thought I was using).

I can’t decide if the model looks more like a little guillotine or a little pillory… It looked quite a bit more like a guillotine while printing:

Arguably this is not a super-elaborate build, but it was fun to make. It’s been a little while since I created something actually useful from scratch like this. I put in a small area for holding bits and a holder for the actual driver, whose technical name is (checks notes) a hole. I printed it in ABS (’cause it was handy) and there was a very small amount of splitting, but the shelf/holder is still very stable.

If anyone would like the model, here’s a link to the STL file. No warranties express or implied, etc., etc. Otherwise, do with it as you will (but don’t tell me if you use it as a mini-guillotine for Barbies).

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    • I have to admit when I was making this I was thinking about Grandpa’s amazing tool cabinets. If he’d made the screwdriver holder, though, it would have had more pockets…

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