My story R.I.P. just got published in the Ink Stains Anthology #13!

Since Anna is such a big zombie fan, I figured I should try writing a zombie story, which turned into R.I.P. It is not exactly a classic zombie story though (so Anna tells me, and she should know :-).

My copy hasn’t arrived yet, but I did get the very creepy cover art. It took a while to notice that the figure standing in front of the window is facing inwards. (FYI The cover art is not related to my story).

Most of the stuff I write would probably be classified as science fiction, but for some reason, more of the stuff I sell tends to be horror. Not sure if I should be disturbed by that…

The Kindle version doesn’t appear to be out yet, but I’ll put up a link when it becomes available (I’m assuming it will be rather cheaper than the print version).

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