Cowthulu is Back!

Cowthulu Site ImageIt has been about 10 years since I last seriously touched the Cowthulu web site. Originally I created the site by hand, using it as an opportunity to teach myself CSS. I also built a few utilities to synchronize menus and other items across pages.

There was also a blog, but it used a fairly primitive tool for creation (I don’t remember what it was) and the tool disappeared during one of my many system upgrades. I’ve frequently had things I wanted to blog, but it was always too much effort. The new site is in WordPress though, so if that gets too much in the way of my blogging, I’ve got bigger problems!

Time will tell how much blogging I actually do. I currently have ideas for a lot of entries, largely because they are things that I intended to blog about over the years, but never did, so I will end up doing blogs on things that happened quite some time ago as well as things moving forward.

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