As I was going to St. Ives…

St. Ives BeachI just got back from England a few days ago, which is why I haven’t posted in a few weeks. We spent about a week in Cornwall in St. Ives (the picture is a view from just outside our room at the Pedn Olva hotel there), and then a week in London, visiting family and wandering about.

By the way, there are several St. Ives in the UK, so it is not entirely clear whether the riddle refers to this one or not.

Cornwall is beautiful. I’ve included a few photos below.

This is St Michael's Mount near Marazion, Cornwall, a couple of miles from Penzance (as in the Pirates of).
This is St Michael’s Mount near Marazion, Cornwall, a couple of miles from Penzance (as in the Pirates of). You can walk to the island when the tide is out, but have to take a boat the rest of the time. The castle has been continuously populated for something like 350 years, but (if your lungs and legs can handle the climb), you can tour parts of the building.
Gardens on St. Michael's Mount
There are also some really cool gardens on the island, although you have to pay extra to see them–and do a lot of climbing!
Land's End
This is a shot from Land’s End, which is the western-most point of England.
Lost Gardens of Heligan
This is one of the sculptures from The Lost Gardens of Heligan. These were Victorian gardens that had basically disappeared, but were uncovered during the hurricane in 1990. Since then, a lot of restoration work has been going on. They are well worth a visit, but if you drive, be warned that some of the two-way roads don’t seem wide enough for a bike path…
We also visited the ruins at Tintagel, which has a legendary connection with King Arthur (although the castle is 700 years too late, the legend says that he was born in the area).
Tintagel View
There is a lot of climbing to do at Tintagel too, but it is worth it for the view! While we were there, some poor woman fell and broke her foot. The paramedics had to squeeze up narrow staircases with all their gear, and eventually they ended up calling in a helicopter to evacuate her away from the top.



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