Adipose Rex

Adipose and VictimIt’s been a while, but we finally did a new costume! This is Adipose Rex, (very loosely) based on the Doctor Who episode Partners in Crime, where the Doctor and Donna are investigating a weight loss program where the “fat just walks away.”

In our stage presentation at Mile Hi Con 47, Anna follows the instructions by manipulating her necklace, at which point a small (normal-sized) Adipose is produced that giggles. She then wonders what will happen when she turns the necklace a bunch of times, at which point the “scary” Adipose Rex appears and charges towards her.

Yes, I know that this is another costume that relies on a pun – shocking. In fact, this relies on several different puns which, to my mind makes this even better! Puns are, of course, the highest form of humor! The judges apparently agreed, since we won a Judge’s choice award!

We first did this costume at Karvel Con, the mini-con run by our friend Rose. We did a little bit of work to improve the costume this time, including adding a bar to keep the base properly extended (which got caught on the stairs getting on to the stage).

Since someone brought a Tardis to the con, we figured a shot of Adipose Rex with the Tardis would be nice:

Adipose with Tardis


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