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Transcendent Anthology Cover

I have a short story coming out in an anthology called Transcendent, and they just released the cover art, which I think is pretty cool. The anthology was originally going to be called Dreams, Nightmares, Visions and Hallucinations, which I

Tower Bridge is Falling Down…

Okay, it’s not actually falling down, but since it is made of Lego, it is somewhat more fragile than the original. Anna got this set for me for my birthday, and I spent somewhere between eight and ten hours putting

Grandson of Man

Another silly costume for Karval Kon! Grandson of Man is my take on Son of Man, by Magritte, although possibly better known from The Thomas Crown Affair. We didn’t get a good shot of the costume at the con, so

Going gray

For the last several years, there has been a major trend in desktop and web applications — to remove all of the bright colors, switch to single-color icons, and provide a “clean” modern-looking app. I will not give any specific

Sparks in the snow

Was driving home the other day when I suddenly noticed that sparks seemed to be shooting out of my side mirror! After a moment, I realized that it was the turn-signal on the mirror reflecting off of the snow, which

Sci-Fi/Fantasy 2017

About a month ago, I did a post about the non-fiction I read in 2017, and said that I would follow it up with a post of the fiction. Well, flu and other things intervened, so am I just now

Non-Fiction 2017

Last year I read 130 books, split relatively evenly between fiction (63 books) and non-fiction (books 67). Yes, I am geeky enough to have a spreadsheet! If you are interested, I average 2.5 books per week, with an average of

Celtic Knotwork

A few weeks ago I taught a workshop on drawing Celtic knotwork, and a number of the attendees asked if I could make my presentation available for future reference. Rather than just send out a PowerPoint, I figured it would

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Octopus Prime

Let’s transform and go get some sushi… Yes, there seem to be almost no limits that we won’t go to for a bad pun. This was my costume at Mile-Hi Con 49 last weekend, where it won a judge’s choice

In case of quail…

In case of quail, do not stand in a box with an antenna.   I can think of no other interpretation.  

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